R4-king 3DS 5.11 Kernel Download

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  • Updatetime: 2012-04-02
  • Official: www.r4-king.com
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12.05.2011 updated V5.11Core fully new games.

R4King 3DS   is specially designed for NDSi & NDS Series SLOT-1. It is an upgraded version of the popular R4 Card. R4King 3DS supports SDHC 32GB Memory Card & other than supporting games, it supports many other multi-media functions including core-duo upgrade 9, firmware & kernel upgrading. This is definitely a best choice for all DS players. .


  • 5.11 Kernel(English)5.11 Kernel(Chinese Simplify)5.11 Kernel(Korean)5.11 Kernel(Dutch)5.11 Kernel(Italian)5.11 Kernel(German)5.11 Kernel(French)5.11 Kernel(Japanese)
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