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  • Updatetime: 2012-03-28
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Size:4.61 MB
Language: English /French /Korean
Updated Date:2008-4-24 17:00:01
Version: V1.18
Instructions:R4 DS V1.18 Firmware


1) Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem

R4DS Official Action Replay List

Yellow Wood Goblin - Wood R4 DS Kernel is a replacement for the R4 V1.18 firmware and only supports the Original R4 DS Flash Linkers. This Firmware is for R4 DS, See below Links, use of it on clones may result in unforeseen problems. When asked why support the R4, his response was "why not?"! The code is based in part on advancements made during the last public release of Wood R.P.G., users can expect the same coding quality, the same compatibility, basic wii-connectivity, and future updates.


  • R4DS English Kernel V1.18R4DS Korean Kernel V1.18R4DS French Kernel V1.18
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